Wednesday, February 15, 2006

SipPhone Lands $6 Million, Expanding into WiFi and Dual Mode Phones

SipPhone Lands $6 Million, Expanding into WiFi and Dual Mode Phones: "Never one to miss where the market is heading, Michael Robertson has grabbed $6 million in investment money out of New York City and is indicating that his intent is to move into dual mode handsets, meaning WiFi/IP meets 3G cellular. That's a concept I have been hot on for sometime, ever since my buddy Jeff Craig at Bridgeport Networks almost two years ago or so started to fill my head with the possibilities of just what their technology can do.

What Robertson is doing and the direction he's taking SipPhone/Gizmo Project is much more focused and ultimately more on point with where other IM/Voice players have to go. Unlike Skype which is still focusing on dual capability, not real dual mode, Gizmo Project is seeking to really blend the two world together on one device, using the HLR (Home Location Registry) to pass the traffic between the circuit switched cellular world and the IP driven WiFi world.

As a GizmoProject user for some time not only am I happy to see this fund raising occur, I think their roadmap is right on.


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