Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What can V4S do for me?

What can V4S do for me?

Think of V4S as your Internet voicemail for Skype™.

Anywhere you have access to the Net, from any device with a streaming audio player, you can play and manage the voicemails V4S has taken for you.

V4S will take voicemails for you no matter where you are – at your main PC, logged onto Skype from a PDA, clubbing, whatever. V4S can also send you email or SMS alerts containing a link to new messages as they come in.

Even from devices that don’t have a streaming audio player (like some mobile phones), you can still check to see what messages you have.

V4S – your free Internet voicemail for Skype. Always with you. Always free. As Skype should be!

Why would I use V4S instead of Skype Voicemail?

For one thing, V4S is FREE. For another, it’s more convenient!

Even better, V4S gives you access to all your Skype voicemails from EVERYWHERE. Also, V4S can send you email and/or SMS alerts when you get a new message so you’ll know right away when an important call comes in. Finally, because the voicemail plays in a media player, you can easily rewind and fast-forward.



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