Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The TomTom One car navigator...with MP3 player?

The TomTom One car navigator...with MP3 player?: " GPS Review claims that TomTom is gearing up for the release of the TomTom One car navigator (artist rendering to right). It is said to feature a touchscreen, Bluetooth, USB, SD card slot, and connector for an external antenna. It will ship with an SD card preloaded with maps and car mounting kit and charger. If the name is correct then we might be talking about a whole new lineup for TomTom devices — GPS Review even speculates that the One might also feature MP3 playback due to the inclusion of a headphone jack. Hmmm, that would make this a very bulky portable MP3 player or an in-car hazard with your head tethered to the dash. But hey, we’ve only got a pathetic artist rendering at this point so let’s just wait and see the deets,


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