Monday, October 17, 2005

Mysterious Crop Circles Surface: New viral marketing campaign?

Mysterious Crop Circles Surface: New viral marketing campaign?: "From[QUOTE]An individual, going by the name of Lutz, has been posting various pictures of crop circles across different Xbox forums including our own. Although this all could be a hoax played by someone with time and Photoshop skills, this look to us like a new viral marketing campaign in the style of ILoveBees, OurColony, and Origen Xbox 360.The pictures each display a type of crop circle; two drawn on sand and one on grass. The circles have three numbers in roman digits: I: 1, VI: 6 and VIII: 8. More Pictures on appears the story thickens as some forum users have come across yet another strange website[] that is obviously tied to these mysterious photos.[/QUOTE]Also note that 168 in hex = 360 in decimals ;) also has a counter with countdown to somewhere 3days and 15hours from now at time of writing this news.Read More/Pictures:,, Discussion Thread:"


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