Saturday, December 03, 2005

Philips 102-inch Candeo LED display on sale in US

Philips 102-inch Candeo LED display on sale in US: " It seems logical that the bigger you make a display, the bigger the pixels have to be, but what?s with the 384 x 216 resolution on Philips? mammouth 120-inch Candeo flat-panel LED? At first we thought that this was a typo, but the spec sheet for the Candeo line shows exactly that res for the 6.75-millimeter pixel pitch model (6-120i), along with a 256 x 144 resolution for the 10.125-millimeter model (10-120i), which must make the pixels as big as postage stamps. Anyway, we assume that these 40-square foot models are mostly meant for commercial use, and not for pushing incredibly downscaled 1080p through your home theater (even though they do contain digital inputs). Another clue about the target audience for these behemouths is the pricetag, which hovers around $100,000 no matter which pixel pitch you prefer. Although these models aren?t officially being released until CES, several have already found their way onto US store shelves, with at least three of them being eyed up by NBA players.[Via I4U]


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